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We work exclusively with selected local premium to luxury ready-to-wear designer labels for fashion and accessories.

Minimum requirements for labels considering joining:

  • Southeast Asia-based (current priority Indonesia and Thailand)
  • Min 2 years in operation
  • Min 2 collections per year (min 25 looks per collection)
  • Participation in fashion shows (domestic and/or abroad)
  • International press coverage
  • Ideal price range after discount 1-3m IDR / 3000-8000 THB

For labels that meet the minimum requirements, ROOMOOMO will consider a partnership on a case by case basis. Please provide the following information for review:

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ROOMOOMO welcomes collaborations with social media influencers. We offer three business models:

1. Affiliate program · With our affiliate program, you will get a dedicated link and a voucher code that you can share with your fans. Your fans get the items even cheaper and you will get paid! With each sale that a customer successfully completes, you will get a set commission.

2. In-kind collaboration · In return to promoting RMM, you will get a dedicated page on RMM where you can promote yourself/your brand/Instagram etc. – as well as give recommendations, share fashion tips, and other engaging and relevant content. This way, many thousands of visitors from across Southeast Asia and beyond will see you and your content.

3. Fixed payment · If you can convince us that your fanbase is huge and your promotions lead to successful sale conversions, we may also pay you a fixed negotiable fee for promoting RMM.

How to promote ROOMOOMO on your social media?
We have compiled a few examples that we like. But we are also very open to hear your suggestions.

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Get in touch

Our affiliate program is an exclusive program limited to selected partners. Please click below to go to the affiliate dashboard to login or apply.

If you are interested in a sale event at a specific location, please get in touch with us. We are also interested to explore new collaborations with local artists, new premium to luxury brands, and exciting lifestyle locations such as lounges, restaurants, bars, as well as five-star hotels.

Please also review the information on the previous and planned sale events.


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