Back at it again with another sale event, this time in Surabaya.

Stepping foot inside the brightly-lit space, the first thing that will catch your eyes is the big embroidered fabric with red hand-sewn strings tangling loosely at the bottom. ROOMOOMO, along with the participating brands, is largely written across the fabric banner. Yes, here it is, ROOMOOMO’s third pop up event, still ongoing now at Ciputra World in Surabaya. Inside, a monochrome interior with a hint of red is portrayed, with white shelves adorned in red lining and black rectangles hung as ledges.

Without Of Sorts (event organizer), Vicky Tanzil (photographer), Leone Stave (videographer) and Platinum Grill (catering) collaborating in this pop up sale event, it would not have been such a successful launch. June 2nd 2017 was the opening of the event with only the VIPs allowed to enter. The event successfully generated a lot of buzz among the fashion enthusiasts.

“I’m really glad that ROOMOOMO held the event in Surabaya! It really is not easy finding a decent party dress in Surabaya. And with this many designers, I can search at once in just one place,”

says a customer leaving the store with a satisfied face and two shopping bags.

The event started slowly but surely in the morning, taking a few minutes for guests to start flooding inside the store. Once there, faces lit up with enthusiasm, wallets ready. By 10:30am, the early comers were already seen leaping from one rack to another, still bustling full of energy. Most came in pairs and groups. There were too many customers to handle at once that it got to the point where staff was overwhelmed. A rhythm was picked up along the way.

“I’m impressed by how peculiar fbudi’s designs are. Although most are not really wearable for my everyday activities, i’m still going to try because it’s fun to wear,”

mentions a customer who was reaching for fbudi’s garments, one at a time, from the hanger. Garments are classified according to designers, therefore making it easier for customers to search for their desired labels or explore new ones.

Energetic faces were seen contemplating on which size or colour to get. Meanwhile, a few disappointed faces were also seen, but only because we ran out of either size or colour that they wanted. However, that surely did not stop them from digging through the other racks. Not only is this event a place for people to shop, but also to mingle with fellow customers.

“Try this dress, it’ll make you lean because of the dark colour and vertical stripes”

says a lady dressed smart casual in white to her friend while showing her TOTON’s sleeveless Lurik dress.

As words spread from mouth to mouth, the crowd continued just as 6 o’clock is about to strike. With not as many people now crowding inside the store, customers have more space to leisurely browse through and try on clothes without the thought of speeding up because there’s a line outside the changing rooms.

Many are already familiar with Peggy Hartanto, but customers still flock in every corners of the room seeking the best they can possibly get.

“One of my favourite is Peggy Hartanto, because I like the simple cutting. There isn’t much knick knack on the dresses, but it is obvious that the designer really spends time in making them. This proves that less is definitely more!”

Whereas at the opposite corner you hear:

Sean & Sheila has a wider range of cutting. So it fits me better.”

Almost everyone is already familiar with the local premium brands that ROOMOOMO works with, and they have been waiting for this event because not all labels supply their clothing in Surabaya. In fact, one customer bought as many as 11 pieces in one transaction!

And so the crowd continues… The days after the VIP opening have been followed with customers pulling up at the store as they were passing by while strolling in the mall, while others had heard about the pop up event from friends, as well as social media.

What are you waiting for? Quickly head to Ciputra World Mall in Surabaya while it lasts. Great deals are waiting for you to get your hands on, until June 11. In the meantime for those not in Surabaya, and for everyone after June 11, of course we keep selling all beautiful items online as well!

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